How to reach

The city of Leoben is easily accessibel via Vienna international airport (about 150 km from Leoben) and Graz international airport (about 60 km from Leoben). After setting foot on Austrian soil, the best way to access Leoben is to use the Austrian railway service OeBB. Arrived at Leoben, the train station welcomes you near the city centre, with all destinations in walking distance (Montauniversität Leoben 3 min., Hotels max. 10 min.). 

Vienna airport

Train connection: Vienna airport (Flughafen Wien Bahnhof) - Leoben main station (Leoben Hbf)

OeBB offers hourly connections to Leoben, in which every second hour direct trains frome Vienna main station (Wien Mitte) are operated. One direction takes you about 3 hours. The price for one ticket Vienna airport - Leoben main station, one direction, is about € 40.00,-/person at economy class. 

Graz airport

Train connection: Graz airport (Flughafen Graz-Feldkirchen) - Leoben main station (Leoben Hbf)

Graz airport is connected to Leoben main station  half- hourly by a 90 min. trip by train. The price for one ticket Graz airport - Leoben main station, one direction, is about € 16.00,-/person at economy class.

Additionally, due to the low distance between Graz airport and Leoben, about 74 km by car (50 min. to go), there is also the possibility to take a taxi at Graz airport. Especially, this can be benefitial, if you arrive as a group (up to 4 persons/ car) and share the costs. Taxi transfer to Leoben will cost about € 140.00,-/taxi.