Technical Tour

Date: September 10th, 2015 (Thursday - last symposium day) 

Starting Time: 08:00 am

Meeting point: Symposium Desk (main entrance of Erzherzog-Johann wing)

Note: All people who participate on the technical tour are transfered to Vienna! At lunch break, the restaurant offers only payment in cash!




1st Stop: Model Guessing

Tentative time: 10:00 am

"a strategy of de-centralised, local energy production with all available renewable resources in a region"

In many regions many types of biogenic raw materials and waste are produced in different amounts and quality. These materials, generally rich in energy, could be used to produce energy or green fuels, if suitable technologies are developed and used as demonstrated in the model Guessing.

Biomass power plant Guessing - Fluidised steam gasification 

Referring to [1], in order to make the generation of electricity from biomass possible also in small, decentralised power stations, a new type of power station was realised for the first time in Güssing. For this purpose a gasification procedure called FICFB Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed is used, which offers particularly as strength-warmth-coupling advantages in comparison with burn procedures. In the biomass power station of Güssing  4500kW long distance heating and 2000 kW electricity originate from 2360 kg wood per hour. 

Methanation - SNG from biomass

To demonstrate the complete value chain regarding the conversion of wood chips (biomass) to SNG a 1 MW SNG demonstration plant has been built up in Guessing, Austria by a Swiss-Austrian consortium, according to [3]

The used syngas is supplied by the FICFB gasification process installed at the biomass CHP plant. Latter's product gas is delivered at ambient pressure, comprises a high content of CH4 and low contamination by higher hydrocarbons and tars making this product gas suitable for Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) or bio-methane production. 

The final conversion step consists of three individual steps, i.e. gas conditioning, SNG synthesis and gas upgrading. R&D work over the past 8 years was focused on gas conditioning and SNG synthesis. On pilot scale it could be proven, that fluidized bed SNG synthesis is possible. Based on the data of this pilot plant, the 1 MWSNG demonstration plant has been designed with wider operating conditions for the demonstration plant than tested in lab scale. The entire process chain reaches high conversion efficiencies and has the potential for lower investment and lower operating cost than conventional SNG synthesis, i.e. fixed bed methanation as well as BtL technologies. [3]

Biogas facility 

referring to [1] the regarded biogas facility produces 500 kW electrical power by green silage conversion and combustion of the produced biogas in a block thermal power plant. 

Technical data:

Power: 500 kW electrical, 600 kW thermal

Annual energy production: 4.350 MWh electrical, 5.220 MWh thermal

Annual required plant quantity: 11.000 t (250 ha)

This amount of energy means electrical power supply of 1200 houses and thermal supply of 40 houses .



Biomass long distance heating plant  

Wood in the form of wood chips, wood shavings, bark and pellets is used for the firing in the biomass heating plant. The biomass for the long distance heating comes without exception from regional and local wood owners.


Possibility for lunch break at Guessing (costs are not included, only payment in cash available)

Tentative time: 12:00 am





2nd Stop: PET to PET Recycling Austria

Tentative time: 03:00 pm

"the bottle to bottle concept"

In reference to [4], PET to PET Recycling Austria processes up to 20 000 t of beverage bottles, mainly PET-bottles, annualy. The plastic hollows initialy separated from packaging waste are delivered to the PET to PET process in huge bales, each weighting about 250 kg and including 10 000 PET-bottles. After hand sorting and shredding the resulting PET-flakes stream is purified in a dry and wet step. Chemically traeted for surface contaminations removal the flakes are sorted by their specific weight. To meet standards of food industry PET-flakes' top layer is removed by a patent-rgistered process. Now the PET-flakes are ready for sale. 

3rd Stop: Vienna

Tentative time: 05:00 pm

"The End"

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Flyer - technical tour program

If you want to have a short overview of the technical tour program, click here to download the flyer.






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