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ISFR 2015

September 7 th – September 10 th 2015

Technical Program

Here you can download the final technical program!

(click on "technical program" for download)




Technical tour

Further the technical program offers a  technical tour on the last sympsoium day Thursday, September 10 th, 2015.

The  technical tour provides following program:

1. Stop: Model Güssing ..."a strategy of de-centralised, local energy production with all available renewable resources in a region"...showing

  • Biomass power plant Guessing - Fluidised steam gasification, 
  • Methanation - SNG from biomass,
  • Biogas facility and
  • Biomass long distance heating plant.

2. Stop: PET to PET recycling..."the bottle to bottle concept"...showing mechanical processing of 20 000 t beverage bottles for subsequent material recycling.


3. Stop:  Vienna

(official symposium program ends)


For further information please visit the technical tour side on this webpage or click  here!


The organizer Department of Environmental & Energy Process Engineering at Montanuniversitaet Leoben reserves the right of changes to the provided technical program and information.